CBRN Communication Scorecard

The challenges of terror emergency communication can be addressed by identifying critical factors of communication before, during and after crises. Monitoring social media is critical to find out the topics of concern that need to be addressed in appropriate communication strategies.


The terror emergency communication framework consists of a scorecard with brief user guide and an explanation of the role of communication experts in CBRN terror crises.

This scorecard serves as a tool to assess terror emergency communication planning and preparedness and to evaluate crisis communication performance in a CBRN terror crisis situation or an exercise. The full text of 'The CBRN terrorism Scorecard' is available as a free report.

As such crisis situations require attention of many different experts, there is also a free download 'Clarifying the role of communication experts in CBRN terrorism crises'.

General guides on emergency communication were provided by the project CrisComScore.

The Crisis Communication Scorecard for various kinds of crises can be found here.