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The challenges of terror emergency communication can be addressed by identifying critical factors of communication before, during and after crises. Monitoring social media is critical to find out the topics of concern that need to be addressed in appropriate communication strategies.


The terror emergency communication (TEC) framework is based on academic research comprising reviews of recent literature in the field and empirical studies focusing on special requirements of communication in CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear) terror crises.

About the project

The goal of the CATO project is to develop a comprehensive Open Toolbox for dealing with crises due to terrorist attacks using non-conventional weapons or facilities with CBRN materials. This includes emergency communication preparedness.

Public authorities need to evaluate and improve terror emergency communication in a systematic way that facilitates organizational learning and steers strategic decision-making with the goal of guarding the safety of society at large. New challenges set by fast social media interaction need to be taken into consideration.

Terror emergency communication

Communication in terror-related emergencies, caused by a threat or an actual use of hazardous CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear) materials, is a current topic for public sector organizations all over Europe and world-wide. They may cause severe damage and fear in society, which will put the ability of response organisations to communicate with public groups at a test. Such risks stress the need of various authorities to engage in continuous improvement of their emergency communication preparedness and performance. Tools can effectively support this learning process.

For different authorities

The framework is aimed at authorities such as rescue services, the police and health care, and at municipalities, provinces and ministries responsible for emergency management. The framework and background information on this platform may also prove useful to non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

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The materials on this web platform have been developed by some of the research teams contributing to the work package Citizen perspective and Communication of the project CATO 2012–2014. This web platform adds to the dissemination activities of the CATO project.

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